Month: September 2015

6 reasons why you should take up that extra duty

In today’s competitive job market, you have no choice but to compete. One ways of becoming competitive is accepting more job responsibilities. This is more important if you’re starting your career and have not become a specialist in any field. When your employer allocates an extra duty, take it. Here is the reason why;

#1: Loyalty: managers want to be sure about the person they are giving certain responsibilities. If your manager has a tendency to assign you some delicate assignments, they trust you. This is an opportunity to prove them right.

#2: Learning opportunity: most of the learning actually happens outside class. You do not have to take that extra evening course; you can learn it through taking such responsibilities. Extra duties challenge your imagination and improves your problem solving abilities.

#3: Flexibility: in today’s world, employers are keen on employees who can take an extra mile for the company. Being flexible means you ungrudgingly take up extra responsibilities outside your job description and deliver. Work environments are not so predictable, when that crucial deadline has to be met, you need to jump up to it and deliver.

#4: taking up senior roles: a leader is always willing to take risks and go where other people dare not. Such a person also needs to master several skills. Such skills cannot be properly developed by being confined in your job description. An extra task will add to your wealth of knowledge and allow you to take up more senior roles.

#5: Career diversification: it is common to see a job advert with several unrelated skills. Taking extra duties makes you stand out and can easily shift to a different role in another company. Every task is an opportunity to learn and advance your career.

#6: Discover your interests: it is common in Kenya for students to be admitted for courses that do not reflect their talents or interests. This follows that, they end up in the wrong jobs. Taking an extra responsibility might help you rediscover your interests and advance them.

Taking more responsibilities does not mean being a door mat. You need to use your judgment to know when extra tasks mean being used and when they mean good for your career. Once you attain some level of professional specialization, taking duties outside your path could actually mean harm.

But for now, take it in and grow!