Month: December 2015

7 Reasons to Cross Train


There once lived a young man who was a basketball player by birth. He however came to learn about his exceptional talent in his 30th birthday. Afraid that his talent might be exposed to imitation, he only played in his dreams. He dreamt of travelling in far away countries and winning tournaments. His son inherited his talent and at 20 years of age, the two played together in seclusion. The son married 5 years later and moved from his father’s house.  The son also bore a basketball player boy who could outdo the two men at 15 years of age. The old man played once with his son and grandson when they came home for a holiday. It was the happiest day of his life. Age caught up with him and he died with his dreams.

The old man would have experienced many happier days and even achieved his dreams had he not hidden his talent. Like this old man, many people are insecure about their jobs/talents and end up monopolizing knowledge. Here is why as a gifted individual, you should strive to share your knowledge and skills;

#1. Fulfillment: there is more joy in giving than in receiving (Acts 20: 35). The joy that comes with sharing your knowledge cannot be equated to the misery of dying with it.

#2. Enrichment: ”No one has ever become poor by giving”- Anne Frank. Outpouring your knowledge creates room for a fresh refill.

#3. Expertise: repeating what you know makes you perfect. Training someone gives you this opportunity. You can learn from anybody; some will directly add to your knowledge while other will challenge your thinking. This extra responsibility will definitely get you ahead in your career.

#4. Strength in unity: had the basketball player trained some people to form a team, he would have come closer to his dream of playing internationally. Life is like a game, playing in a team makes you a winner. Moving with people of common interest strengths rather than breaks you.

#5. Free yourself: there are people who never take time off from work because they are afraid that the system would crumble (or do better) without them. But it only creates a tired worker. Cross-training someone could ensure that you easily take offs without worry.

#6. Legacy: people long to be remembered for something. Training someone, impacts their lives in a way they can never forget. Dr James Naismith will forever be remembered for inventing the basketball game.

#7. If you do not do it, someone else will: it is good you have unique talents, but they are not so unique; someone somewhere knows what you know and your secret will be out.

You need not be a great trainer to teach your tact. You simply need to avail yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!