I have for the longest time in my life been in the wilderness about my career. The feeling that I am lost in a path that is not mine and not knowing how to trace the right one. That famous question on ‘what would you want to be when you grow up’ gave me nightmares.

I longed to walk on my path. I envied people who found theirs and wondered what magic they applied.

After loosing my job in 2014 and immediately going on maternity, I seriously thought and prayed about ‘my right path’. I was shocked to realize that what I did so naturally-writing, was actually what I should be doing for a career.

It hasn’t been easy; now I feel lost because this is an unfamiliar path that sometimes is too challenging. But I know it takes time to trace a new path, clear it and widen it so that people far away can see how far you have come.

Part of the reason I write on career and personal development is because of suffering in my own career wilderness. I would want everyone to do what they really enjoy and prosper in their careers. Secondly, my previous work experience gave me so many lessons on organizational management and I am passionate about writing and training in this field.

Hopefully, I will impact someone.

Feel free to share your frustrations and lessons career wise or talk to me about writing/training opportunities.

See you around. Blessings…



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