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Is you company ideal?

When I started looking for a job, I was pretty much like a young person looking for love. Many young people decide whether they will have a relationship with someone by their physical appearance. Later on, they realize that, a relationship takes more than good looks to work. Immediately I landed on a company’s compound, I quickly looked at their parking lot. I was like every graduate with dreams of exponential career growth and good cars were good indicators. Several years down the line, I discovered that I needed more indicators than just cars. While it might not be possible for starters to choose between ideal companies, having in mind what you aim for could help you keep focus and work towards it. Here are some of the important work cultures I came to learn about;

You are valued: the Maslow theory shows that employees who are valued are a great asset to their organization. To be valued, your work should contribute to the overall growth of the company. In such a company, your opinion matters and can be used in decision making. The manager appreciates your work and does not hesitate to acknowledge it. According to a Briton based survey by Monster, 58% of workers feel unappreciated which demotivated them.

Nurtures growth: a company that nurtures growth has excellent teamwork where employees share their wealth of experience and knowledge. You are given challenging responsibilities to grow you. Here, you also get regular trainings aimed at making you a better person every day. Your supervisor is in touch to help you through your weaknesses and harness your strengths.

Chances of growth: does the company have opportunities for growth you could take up in future? Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs suggests that no one stays in one particular hierarchy for long, everyone strives to move up. It is important for you to work as you focus on higher positions or more responsibility. Some companies have opportunities but hire outsiders to fill them; this is a bad sign.

Ownership: you are trusted to do your job and feel engaged to the company. In a work environment where ownership is fostered, there is free flow of information. Employees understand the goals and visions of the company and work towards them.

Compensation: according to American Psychology Association survey, 46% of employees felt work stress due to low salaries. A company that values your work compensates you for it. Your compensation should measure well with the market rate.

Flexible: an employer should respect work-life balance. They should understand that an overworked employee is counter-productive and allow leaves, offs and respectable work time. Flexibility also means that the company is not stringent in their way of doing things. New innovations and ideas are valued.

Fosters values: an ideal company values the basic human values such respect, trust and fairness. It is degrading to work in an environment where insults are a way of communication. You should be allowed to speak your thoughts respectfully without fear of retribution. You spend most of your life working; it should be your second family.

Have procedure of doing things: structure is important in an ideal company. You should have a clear job description and a way of meeting it. You should understand how to deal with certain issues avoiding common pitfalls and achieving accuracy. You clearly understand work ethics and termination or end of contract procedures.

While an ideal company may be a dream, you should look for as many of the cultures you value in a work place. Remember to fill gaps and make it better! These are mine, what are yours?