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Of losing and letting go

Of losing and letting go

Among the many nursery rhymes that I have come to learn, thanks to motherhood, one song has stood out for me. It goes;

Little Bobeep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them.

Leave them alone and they will come home wagging their tails behind them.

As the song ends, the sheep are seen coming home as predicted. I guess everyone loses something dear to them or they have labored for at least once in their lifetime. Some lose on relationships, people, jobs, businesses others money. Recently, I lost a month’s hard earning to a con employer. It caused me great distress having to break my plans and promises that were based on the money. As I pressed for payments, nice promises were made but never met. I kept telling myself to let it go but I guess it is never as easy as little Bobeep did. “Maybe if I pressed once more, I might be paid.”

I soon faced the reality; I had been stolen from and it was easier moving ahead than crying over it. All was not lost though. I learnt lessons that probably would not have happened under different circumstances;

  1. Ending such a dishonest relationship is better sooner than later. I came to learn that he had employed someone else who he hadn’t paid for four months. Though I had nothing better to do in the meantime, I decided to let him know that no work would continue without previous payments. Clinging on to such desperation only makes a bitter person.
  2. Pick up the good. My con employer introduced me to a trade that wasn’t easy to learn. On the good side, he was patient with my flaws and made me a better person before we parted ways.
  3. What is lost comes back somehow and sometimes better. Though he might never pay me, he opened an opportunity for me to easily get other businesses that would cover what was lost.
  4. People loose, it doesn’t mean that you are dump. Listening to similar stories made me realize that it happens to people and sometimes it is worse. I once listened to how the Octiven founder lost millions and almost sunk into depression.
  5. God is the ultimate avenger. Though the urge to avenge myself was great, it created a series of depressing thoughts that left me restless. Once I said “Lord I leave it to your hands,” I felt the assuring peace and forgiveness from within.

Do all you can to get what is rightfully yours, but when your best hits the rock, move on with life.